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Frequently asked questions

What do you provide once the work is done?

I will provide the separated HQ audio file(s) of the part(s) I have recorded for you, aside from the full LUNA project file. I can also provide the sheet music of what I played if it's something I have written on your demand.

To what extent do you compose your parts?

It is entirely up to you. I can just play what you have in mind, or I can compose everything up to a full track (or even tracks), following your requirements, and record all the guitar parts. I can also add drums and bass using high quality instrument plugins or have them recorded by seasonned session musicians. But this will obviously result in additional costs.

Is it possible to ask for changes?

Yes, of course. While working on your project, I will regularly submit what I do so that we can update it along the way to match what you're looking for. Although, if you ask for another revision once the project is done, I may charge you for it.

Do you also do the mixes?

No I don't, unfortunately. I'm not a sound engineer, and thus I don't pretend to be able to provide the results you would expect with that kind of service. Besides, if I just record a passage on an already existing track: discrepancies would then occur between this track and the other mixes of your repertoire.